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Images: Effects (8 Links)

Bloom is the next generation photo editor. It uses new advancements in artificial intelligence to make precision edits to any face.Have a question about this product? Ask the Makers

7 More Cool Image-Effects Links:

  1. This neural network detects whether faces have been Photoshopped
  2. Gumlet — Image resize-as-a-service
  3. Mona Lisa frown: Machine learning brings old paintings and photos to life
  4. Remove Background from Image –
  5. Stencil for WordPress — Create images quickly inside of WordPress.Live Studio: Print — Bring photos to life with augmented reality.
  6. Live Studio: Print — Bring photos to life with augmented reality.
  7. ColouriseSG
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Football News (4 Stories)


After the Patriots owner made two trips to Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where a half-hour “massage” costs $59, he was charged with soliciting a prostitute. What happened next was not what anyone expected. BY MAY JEONG

OCTOBER 4, 2019

Plus 3 More Football Story Links

  1. Larry Fitzgerald made a hole in one while golfing with Barack Obama
  2. Atlanta’s menu prices put other Super Bowl stadiums to shame
  3. NFL defenders got no credit for sacks until they gave them a name


Business Writing Tips & Tools

  1. Papyrus — Write higher quality articles in less time /// via: Product Hunt
  2. Grammarly goes beyond grammar /// via: TechCrunch
  3. Cognifyd for Chrome — Browser extension that improves your business writing /// via: Product Hunt
  4. Hemingway Editor /// via: Hemingway App
  5. Check Spelling, Style, and Grammar with After the Deadline /// via: Polish My Writing
  6. ProWritingAid – the best grammar checker, style editor, and editing tool in one package. /// via: ProWritingAid
  7. editMinion /// via: editMinion
  8. Cliche Finder /// via:
  9. Count Words and Check Grammar /// via: Word Counter
  10. 10 Writing Mistakes People Make All the Time and How to Fix Them /// via: Influence & Co. Blog

Blog Content Strategies

  1. 17 Non-Negotiable Skills for Blog Writers in Any Business /// via: Search Engine Journal
  2. Content Strategy Tools — 7 steps and tools to create a content marketing strategy /// via: Product Hunt

Email Marketing

  1. 15 Sites to Download Free Email Newsletter Templates /// via: Hongkiat
  2. Improve Your Email Campaigns with These Fantastic Tools /// via: Designmodo
  3. 11 Powerful Email Marketing Tips You Need to Know

Link Building

  1. Link Building for Small Businesses: 7 Tactics That Really Work by @amelioratethis /// via: Search Engine Journal
  2. Building Links with Great Content – Natural Syndication Networks /// via: Moz
  3. Automated Link Building – A WordPress plugin to set SEO friendly links automatically | Product Hunt /// via: Product Hunt
  4. Link Building for a New Website: 20 Ideas to Get Links via @JulieJoyce /// via: Search Engine Journal
  5. How to Get Backlinks with Resource & Links Pages /// via: Search Engine Journal

IKEA Enviroment-Based Articles

Ikea just invested in two giant solar farms

It’s all part of the furniture company’s plan to go carbon-negative.


Ikea started putting solar panels on the roofs of its stores, distribution centers, and other buildings in 2011 to help cut its carbon footprint, and now has 900,000 of its own panels. But the retailer has huge energy requirements and a goal to produce even more renewable energy than it uses—and to get a step closer to that goal, it’s just invested in two sprawling new solar farms. They are the company’s first off-site solar plants.

Plus 4 More IKEA-related Environment Links

  1. Super-sized Ikea tub toys are cleaning up London’s river trash
  2. How Ikea and HP want to help keep plastic out of the ocean: make stuff from it
  3. Ikea wants to clean up India’s skies by turning waste into products
  4. Your next Ikea furniture may be made of potato peels
Health Mood News

Mood Tips

  1. Do this one simple thing to be happier /// via: Fast Company
  2. Introverts, acting like an extrovert won’t make you happier
    via: Fast Company
  3. Anger Can Be Contagious — Here’s How To Stop The Spread
    via: NPR News
  4. How to train yourself to deal with criticism
    via: Fast Company



Health News

  1. Google’s SMILY is reverse image search for cancer diagnosis /// via: TechCrunch
  2. Quipcare — Dental insurance made simple /// via: Product Hunt
  3. Think You Don’t Need A Flu Shot? Here Are 5 Reasons To Change Your Mind
  4. Scientists Who Sparked Revolution In Cancer Treatment Share Nobel Prize In Medicine
  5. DaliaCare — A skin cancer detector for your phone
  6. New HIV Map Offers Most Detailed Look Yet At The Epidemic
  7. Teeth-straightening startup SmileDirectClub is now worth $3.2 billion

Youth Health

  1. The suicide rate for 15 to 24-year-olds is the highest it’s been in two decades
  2. How to get teens to give up junk food: Tell them they’re victims of corporate manipulation
  3. Anti-vaccination content haunts Big Tech
  4. Youngest Children In A Class Are Most Likely To Get ADHD Diagnosis
  5. Number Of U.S. Kids Who Don’t Have Health Insurance Is On The Rise
  6. Meet Bobbie, a baby formula delivery startup promising healthier ingredients
  7. How To Help Kids Overcome Their Fear Of Doctors And Shots
  8. Patients Give Doctors High Marks For Prescribing Antibiotics For Common Sniffles
  9. iPharmacy Roman fights stigmas with premature ejaculation meds
  10. Bro-ification of health? This “man cave” clinic gets men to go to the doctor

Drugs: Cures

  1. The unique, puzzling antidepressant effects of an illicit party drug
  2. In Close Vote, Denver Becomes 1st U.S. City To Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms

Drugs: On Islands

  1. Blow up: how half a tonne of cocaine transformed the life of an island
  2. Meth and murder: A new kind of drug war has made Tijuana one of the deadliest cities on Earth

Drugs: Opiods

  1. More Kids Are Getting Placed In Foster Care Because Of Parents’ Drug Use /// via: NPR News
  2. Tired Of Being ‘Dope Sick,’ A Drug User Gets Help From Police To Get Sober
  3. Addiction Kills More Blacks, But Treatment Is Prescribed Mostly To Whites
  4. As Meth Use Surges, First Responders Struggle To Help Those In Crisis
  5. Poll: Rural Americans Rattled By Opioid Epidemic; Many Want Government Help
  6. Report: Americans Are Now More Likely To Die Of An Opioid Overdose Than On The Road

Drugs: Opiods + Doctors

  1. Nearly 60 Doctors, Other Medical Workers Charged In Federal Opioid Sting
  2. California Doctors Alarmed As State Links Their Opioid Prescriptions to Deaths

Drugs: Vaping

  1. E-cigarette study finds bacterial and fungal toxins in popular products
  2. Teen Vaping Soared In 2018


Food News

  1. The Chicken Is Local, But Was It Happy? GPS Now Tells The Life Story Of Your Poultry
  2. Fish farming could be the center of a future food system
  3. Yum and Yuck: The Psychology Of What We Eat…And What We Spit Out
  4. These high-tech storage containers will tell you when food goes bad

Food Finder

  1. The Good Stuff in New York – Neapolitan Pizza Finder
  2. Snap a photo of a menu and Google Lens can tell you what to order
  3. Kale.World — Nutrient based food and recipe finder
  4. Discover Meals — Find the meal recipes by the ingredients that you select.
  5. What to Eat in — Discover what real locals eat all around the world 🌍

Food Nutrition

  1. It’s Not Just Salt, Sugar, Fat: Study Finds Ultra-Processed Foods Drive Weight Gain
  2. How Did Chickpea Flour, A Staple Of Indian Cuisine, Become A Health Food Sensation?
    Should You Keep Taking Those Fish Oil And Vitamin D Pills?
  3. How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Food Nutrition Policies

  1. Study: Sugar Rules The World And Ruins Teeth /// via: NPR News
  2. Will Gene-Edited Food Be Government Regulated?
  3. Lots Of Antibiotics Are Used In Beef Production. McDonald’s Vows To Change This
  4. Panera Bread launches new digital video series on food transparency
  5. Food Stamps For Soda: Time To End Billion-Dollar Subsidy For Sugary Drinks?

Vegetarian News

  1. Mylk Guys wants to be the online vegan grocery store that non-vegans can love /// via: TechCrunch
  2. The Vegan Filter — Filter & find vegan products on major shopping sites ✅
  3. Tradivegan — Traditional vegan recipes from all around the world 🌍🌱
  4. Beyoncé and JAY-Z Encourage Veganism in New Book Intro
  5. How To Get Meat Eaters To Eat More Plant-Based Foods? Make Their Mouths Water
  6. Swapping beef for plant-based protein could (literally) save lives
  7. In two months, Ikea sold 1 million of its new veggie hot dogs

Vegetarian & Alt-Meat

  1. Can plant-based meat grow from a $1 billion industry to a $20 billion industry?
  2. Big Beef Prepares For Battle, As Interest Grows In Plant-Based And Lab-Grown Meats
  3. It’s A Plant! Vegetarian Restaurant Lures In Meat-Lovers — And It’s Working
  4. 2019 will be the year alt-meat goes mainstream
  5. Here’s how the footprint of the plant-based Impossible Burger compares to beef


  1. Sleep Training Truths: What Science Can (And Can’t) Tell Us About Crying It Out /// via: NPR News
  2. Fish and humans sleep in similar ways /// via: Axios
  3. You really need to stop hitting the snooze button. Here’s why
  4. Turns out that morning people really are more productive than night owls
  5. Teens Sleeping Too Much, Or Not Enough? Parents Can Help
  6. The $70 billion quest for a good night’s sleep
  7. Why do so many Spotify users fall asleep to Ed Sheeran?
  8. Sleep Cycle adds ‘snore detection’ to its sleep-tracking Android app
  9. Sleepless No More In Seattle — Later School Start Time Pays Off For Teens

The Brain

Brain News

  1. Can You Reshape Your Brain’s Response To Pain?
  2. How The Brain Shapes Pain And Links Ouch With Emotion
  3. Why we lie to ourselves every day
  4. The Underestimated Cerebellum Gains New Respect From Brain Scientists

Brain Health

  1. 5 Simple Ways To Encourage Brain Development In Your Little One
  2. Scientists Test Whether Brain Stimulation Could Help Sharpen Aging Memory
  3. Scientists Test Whether Brain Stimulation Could Help Sharpen Aging Memory
    Doctors Say ‘Brain Health’ Supplements Are ‘Pseudoscience’

Brain, Memory

  1. How Trauma Affects Memory: Scientists Weigh In On The Kavanaugh Hearing
  2. Scientists start to unravel how the brain forgets


Education News

  1. Congress Considers Making College More Accessible To People In Prison
  2. How to fix segregation in NYC schools? Let students hack the algorithm
  3. Nearly 180,000 Students Won’t Have To Repay Loans From For-Profit Higher Ed Company

Education & Kids

  1. So How Do You Teach Kids To Be Honest?
  2. People who grow up with books have better math and digital communication skills
  3. Why Millions Of Kids Can’t Read, And What Better Teaching Can Do About It
  4. Apple’s new ‘Sesame Street’-themed TV show will teach kids coding basics

Eduational Kids Apps

  1. Tappity — Tappity teaches your child about science from experts.
  2. Google’s latest app, Rivet, uses speech processing to help kids learn to read



  1. American parents are depressed, and the reason why is even more depressing /// via: Fast Company
  2. 73% Of Independent Musicians Suffer From Stress, Anxiety And Depression /// via: hypebot
  3. Feeling steamed? You’re not alone: Americans hit record levels of stress, worry, and anger /// via: Fast Company
  4. Moody — An easy way to track depression and anxiety /// via: Product Hunt


  1. Elon Musk’s Neuralink looks to begin outfitting human brains with faster input and output starting next year /// via: TechCrunch
  2. Neuroscience says listening to this song reduces anxiety by up to 65 percent /// via: Fast Company
  3. Your body is a map of your emotions /// via: Fast Company

Mood & Screentime Correlation

  1. Can screen time replace the warmth of a hug? Prisons make a big push on devices /// via: Fast Company
  2. Our phones are making us unwell–but behavioral design can help /// via: Fast Company
  3. Nielsen: the second screen is booming as 45% often or always use devices while watching TV /// via: TechCrunch
  4. Limiting social media use reduced loneliness and depression in new experiment /// via: TechCrunch
  5. Teen Girls And Their Moms Get Candid About Phones And Social Media /// via: NPR News

Mood Tips

  1. How Microexpressions Can Make Moods Contagious /// via: NPR News
  2. Introverts, acting like an extrovert won’t make you happier /// via: Fast Company
  3. Anger Can Be Contagious — Here’s How To Stop The Spread /// via: NPR News
  4. How to train yourself to deal with criticism /// via: Fast Company


FemTech & Health

  1. The U.S. fertility rate reached a record low last year
  2. Sextech company scorned by CES scores $2M and an apology
  3. 60% of U.S. deaths from pregnancy complications are preventable: CDC
  4. It’s a new era for fertility tech
  5. Researchers develop earrings that double as contraceptives
  6. Femtech’s billion-dollar year

Elvie, Pumps, Bra, & Breast Cancer

  1. Elvie raises $42M to become the go-to destination for women’s health
  2. Elvie raises $42M to become the go-to destination for women’s health
  3. Breast-pump maker Elvie raises $42 million in biggest femtech investment yet
  4. Lilu Massage Bra — The first pumping bra that helps moms get 30% more milk

Violence, Date/Marital Rape Against Women

  1. An Epidemic of Disbelief /// via: Longform
  2. The Billboard
  3. Poll: More Believe Ford Than Kavanaugh, A Cultural Shift From 1991
  4. Military sexual assaults jumped to 20,000, Pentagon survey finds
  5. Tech companies step in to stop date rape
  6. Why women are indefinitely sharing their locations
  7. This Woman Fought To End Minnesota’s ‘Marital Rape’ Exception, And Won
  8. U.N. Report: 50,000 Women A Year Are Killed By Intimate Partners, Family Members
  9. Can A Woman’s Rising Social Status Bring Down Rates Of Domestic Violence?


  1. Tampons are not “luxury” items: Why this campaign says the period tax must end
  2. Student Spurs Brookline, Mass., To Offer Free Tampons And Pads In Public Buildings
  3. Daye, a startup developing a ‘cramp-fighting’ tampon, raises $5.5M from Khosla, Index and Kindred
  4. Exclusive: Google releases 53 gender fluid emoji
  5. A startup trying to detect endometriosis through ‘smart tampons’ just landed $9 million in Series A funding
  6. Women finally get a menstruation emoji
  7. Garmin adds menstrual cycle tracking to devices


Amazon News

  1. WSJ: Amazon to open new US grocery chain separate from Whole Foods
  2. Amazon is using your data to send you free samples

Amazon Delivery

  1. How Amazon’s delivery robots will navigate your sidewalk
  2. Amazon has launched over 200 delivery businesses in its race to get to one-day shipping
  3. Amazon offers employees $10K and 3 months’ pay to start their own delivery businesses
  4. Amazon built an electronic vest to improve worker/robot interactions
  5. Packing boxes with Amazonian speed
  6. Amazon will spend $800M to bring free one-day shipping to Prime

Amazon Echo

  1. Google Assistant will now be nicer if you say “Please” and “Thank you”
  2. Amazon rolls out Alexa Guard, to help protect your home while you’re out
  3. The number of Alexa skills in the U.S. more than doubled in 2018
  4. Here’s why Amazon’s Super Bowl ad won’t trigger Alexa
  5. Review: Amazon Echo Input is the easiest way to stream media to speakers
  6. You’ll never look at your Amazon Echo the same way after this short film

Amazon Shopping

  1. Amazon launches “Storefronts” to promote small businesses
  2. Amazon Showroom — A visual shopping experience

Amazon Stats

  1. It took Amazon 5 years to make its first $1 billion, and only 2 days to make its latest billion
  2. How Big Is Amazon? Its Many Businesses In One Chart



  1. Google wants to turn your emails into mini apps
  2. BEE Email Templates for Gmail — Beautiful & editable templates right in your Gmail account
  3. Gmail turns 15, gets Smart Compose improvements and email scheduling

Google Docs

  1. ImportDoc — Use the content from a Google Doc in any web page /// via: Product Hunt
  2. Coda | A doc as powerful as an app.
  3. You Don’t Need WordPress — Create a blog with only Google Docs

Google Maps

  1. Apple Maps is catching up to Google Maps. Here’s how it can beat it /// via: Fast Company
  2. Google Maps adds ability to see speed limits and speed traps in 40+ countries
  3. Plus codes
  4. Watch out Facebook, Google Maps on iOS now lets users track their favorite businesses, too

Google My Business

  1. Google ramps up competition with Facebook Pages with new tools for local businesses – TechCrunch
  2. Google My Business Marketing Kit

Google Sheets Tools

  1. 27 incredibly useful things you didn’t know Google Sheets could do
  2. Glide — Create mobile apps from Google Sheets
  3. Flookup — Fuzzy matching and lookup add-on for Google Sheets
  4. Updatefy — Convert a Google Sheet into a embed update page.


  1. YouTube confirms a test where the comments are hidden by default
  2. Music Is Now YouTube’s Most Profitable Category

Google Play & App Store

  1. App revenue tops $39 billion in first half of 2019, up 15% from first half of last year
  2. Google Play is changing how app ratings work
  3. The App Store created 164 new million-dollar publishers in 2018, twice that of Google Play
  4. App Store generated 93% more revenue than Google Play in Q3

Vehicle Tech

Driving News

  1. This electric road charges your car while you drive
  2. This optical illusion crosswalk in London tricks drivers into slowing down

Flying Cars, Etc News

  1. This is what the busiest air-travel day in aviation history looks like /// via: Fast Company
  2. Another state is looking at propelling people through tubes at 670 mph /// via: TechCrunch
  3. Uber’s flying taxi director of engineering is joining us at TC Sessions: Mobility
  4. Flying taxis could be more efficient than gas and electric cars on long-distance trips
  5. Elon Musk eyes robotaxis to transform Tesla into a $500 billion company


  1. Elon Musk thinks Tesla can build 1M “robotaxis” in the next year

Tesla News

  1. Tesla has a design for a submarine car just sitting around
  2. A year’s worth of Porsche Taycans are already reserved, mostly by Tesla owners
  3. Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s year in one chart
  4. Elon Musk wasn’t wrong about automating the Model 3 assembly line — he was just ahead of his time
  5. Tesla reports $702 million loss in first quarter


  1. Elon Musk’s SpaceX just launched 60 internet-beaming satellites to space
  2. SpaceX records another first for reusable rocketry by catching Falcon Heavy fairing with a boat

Space News

  1. Crowdfunded solar sail spacecraft moves closer to flying on light alone /// via: TechCrunch
  2. This 46-minute John F. Kennedy speech reshaped the history of space exploration (and it almost didn’t happen)
    NASA Probe Sends Pictures Of An Object 4 Billion Miles From The Sun
  3. Report: Jeff Bezos wants to take Blue Origin straight to the moon

Flying News

  1. Air France-KLM’s radical new plane design could change the way the world flies

Uber Copter News

  1. Uber Copter offers on-demand JFK helicopter service for top-tier users
  2. Uber envisions Uber Air will one day be cheaper than owning a car
  3. Uber and AT&T team up for always-on connectivity for Uber Copter and Uber Air

Lyft & Uber News

  1. How Uber will become an ad company, starting with Eats Pool
  2. Why Uber and Lyft want to create walled gardens–and why it’s bad for urban mobility
  3. Lyft is teaming up with nonprofits to get people in need where they need to go

Uber & Lyft Drivers

  1. If you’ll pay more, new Uber Comfort offers Quiet Rides /// via: TechCrunch
  2. Uber and Lyft are reportedly giving drivers cash to buy shares in their respective IPOs
  3. Uber offers shareable video of drivers’ ‘journey’
  4. Uber Black launches Quiet Driver Mode
  5. Uber now allows female drivers in Saudi Arabia to choose to only drive other women

Waymo News

  1. Waymo is now allowed to transport passengers in its self-driving vehicles on California roads /// via: TechCrunch
  2. Waymo is now allowed to transport passengers in its self-driving vehicles on California roads
  3. Waymo and Lyft partner to scale self-driving robotaxi service in Phoenix
  4. Waymo launches self-driving car service Waymo One
    Waymo picks Detroit factory to build self-driving cars


  1. Paladin Drones picks up $1.3M to give first responders a live feed of emergencies
  2. If Drones Had ‘Claws,’ They Might Be Able To Fly For Longer
  3. These tree-planting drones are firing seed missiles to restore the world’s forests
  4. The world’s largest drone delivery network is launching in Ghana

Bike Tech

  1. Madison is the first city to go 100% electric for its bike share
  2. I rode the 300-pound electric tricycle that could be the future of urban deliveries

Helmet Tech

  1. A new bike helmet offers a novel way to stop concussions
  2. Park & Diamond — Collapsible bike helmet 🚴‍♂️🧢


Robot News

  1. These giant robots are death machines for weeds
  2. You can do it, robot! Watch the beefy, 4-legged HyQReal pull a plane
  3. This popular kids’ toy doubles as a robot that holds 24,000 times its own mass
  4. Here is the world’s first robotics museum–built by robots, of course
  5. This Brooklyn man makes massive robotic costumes out of junk
  6. Watch the ANYmal quadrupedal robot go for an adventure in the sewers of Zurich

Human-Like Robots

  1. Georgia Tech’s ant-sized micro-robots move through vibration /// via: TechCrunch
  2. MIT’s human-mirroring robot nails the Bottle Cap Challenge /// via: TechCrunch
  3. MIT develops a better way for robots to predict human movement
  4. This clever transforming robot flies and rolls on its rotating arms
  5. Researchers create first mind-controlled robot arm that works well without surgery

Robots That Can ‘Detect’

  1. A new robot can now identify objects by touch
  2. MIT’s recycling sorting robot can ‘feel’ the difference between materials
  3. Goodwill robots will now confirm if
    that secondhand Gucci bag is real

Robot Deliveries

  1. These cute little robots now deliver late-night snacks to world’s luckiest college kids
  2. 8 robots racing to win the delivery wars of 2019
  3. Amazon is piloting its own delivery robot
  4. FedEx’s first delivery robot will climb your stairs and hand you a pizza

Boston Dynamics

  1. SpotMini — A nimble robot that can handle objects & climbs stairs
  2. Boston Dynamics acquires a 3D vision startup in bid to put its robots to work
  3. Watch Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot leap up massive steps like it’s nothing
  4. YouBionic adds creepy hands to SpotMini, the creepy robot dog

Mixed Reality

Artificial Intelligence

  1. Here’s why we need more diversity in AI /// via: Fast Company
  2. This neat Excel trick uses your phone to import paper spreadsheets
  3. Age Recognition by Everypixel — AI to detect an age of people on photos
    Digital Bible — The world’s first AI-powered Bible.

Google & AI

  1. Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone
  2. Google Shadow Art — Try your hands at shadow puppetry with the help of AI 🐶

Augmented Reality

  1. YouTube’s new AR Beauty Try-On lets viewers virtually try on makeup while watching video reviews
  2. The Statue of Liberty gets an AR app to celebrate its new museum
  3. Convergence — The AR-enabled book about AR
  4. Notable Me — Put your face on a bill using AR
  5. Weird Cuts — Make collages in AR space using photography by Google

Virtual Reality

  1. VR is training cops to empathize with the people they might kill
  2. I watched the NBA Playoffs in VR, and it’s going to change how you watch sports
  3. The iPod of VR is here, and you should try it

Recognition (Facial, etc)

  1. Here’s AOC calling out the vicious circle of white men building biased face AI
  2. Amazon under greater shareholder pressure to limit sale of facial recognition tech to the government
  3. Your smartwatches may soon know way, way more about what you’re doing
  4. Your smartwatches may soon know way, way more about what you’re doing
  5. Microsoft is worried facial recognition tech will erode civil liberties
  6. Facial recognition presents tech world with a lucrative, but dystopian future
  7. Cars will soon use biometrics to recognize you by your eyes, skin, gait and heartbeat


  1. Wearable motion detectors identify subtle motor deficits in children
  2. These temporary electronic tattoos could redefine wearables

Privacy + Tech

  1. Want to reduce fraud? Make a better password, dummy!
  2. Metro — Now you can collect data from other websites. No, really.
  3. Google now lets you auto-delete your app activity, location and web history
  4. Incognito mode won’t keep your browsing private. Do this instead
  5. This is the most interesting UI design of the year so far
  6. Spotify alums create Canopy content suggester that won’t steal your data

More Tech Company News


  1. 7 Secrets to Creating Impressive LinkedIn Showcase Pages
  2. SpringRole — A LinkedIn alternative on the blockchain
  3. LinkedIn integrates and updates jobs and hiring platforms, hits 20M job postings
  4. How to Create a Content Marketing Plan Using LinkedIn
  5. LinkedIn Lets Advertisers Target Users by Interest by @MattGSouthern
  6. 40% of LinkedIn Members Visit the Site Every Day, Engagement is up 60% by @MattGSouthern

LinkedIn Tools

  1. LinkedIn Review 2.0 — Get instant feedback on your LinkedIn profile, powered by AI
  2. Link2Sheet — Save LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet with one click


  1. How To Geo-Target Your Mailchimp Emails Automatically
  2. Mailchimp’s Ben Chestnut on bootstrapping a startup to $700M in revenue
  3. More than ever, Mailchimp is about way more than mail
  4. Mailchimp expands from email to full marketing platform, says it will make $700M in 2019


  1. Cloudflare rolls out its privacy service to iOS, Android
  2. Cloudflare’s Warp is a VPN that might actually make your mobile connection better


  1. GitHub Free users now get unlimited private repositories
  2. GitHub launches Actions, its workflow automation tool


  1. The North Face booed by SEO community after manipulating Google image search results
  2. China has now blocked Wikipedia in all languages
  3. Younger users rely on snippets and knowledge panel, often don’t click, survey says
  4. Forrester: Wikipedia Lost 21% Of Their Traffic After Google Featured Snippets Launched
  5. Golden unveils a Wikipedia alternative focused on emerging tech and startups


  1. Exclusive: Adobe’s new transparent display /// via: Axios
  2. Adobe has an ambitious plan to help the public spot fake images
  3. Adobe’s new painting and drawing app will be called Adobe Fresco
  4. Adobe Lightroom adds tutorials, shared albums and texture control
  5. 20+ Best Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Posters + Flyers


  1. Airbnb launches Adventures, its foray into extreme tours
  2. Airbnb now allows hosts to donate their profits to help displaced people find housing
  3. The Plum Guide raises $18.5M to expand its ‘vacation homes for the elite’ service
  4. Exclusive: Airbnb will start designing houses in 2019
  5. Marriott is reportedly launching a home-sharing product in the US

Y Combinator

  1. OpenAI’s Sam Altman and Greg Brockman will tell Disrupt about tomorrow’s jobs
  2. Sam Altman’s science camp
  3. Y Combinator wants to fund these wild new ways to capture CO2
  4. Y Combinator issues a request for geo-engineering startups because climate change is real and we’re all going to die

Product Hunt

  1. Product Hunt Game — Try to predict how successful a product will be
  2. MakerSite — Create a website with your Product Hunt profile
  3. Produckhunt — Duckhunt but with Product Hunt
  4. Design Gallery of every Top Hunted Product | TopHuntFolio
  5. Top Hunts Time Machine


Fixing Housing

  1. Google just committed $1 billion to build new housing in the Bay Area
  2. Market map: the 200+ innovative startups transforming affordable housing
  3. There will soon be a whole community of ultra-low-cost 3D-printed homes
  4. This black female entrepreneur is rebuilding D.C. with foreign dollars—and a dream
  5. 4 popular, innovative ideas to help fix America’s housing crisis
  6. What if paying rent on time boosted your credit score?

Tiny Houses

  1. This cozy apartment can be dropped onto existing buildings, and it only costs $11K
    via: Fast Company
  2. Drones could spray your next house out of a hose
  3. Drones could spray your next house out of a hose
  4. These gorgeous tiny houses can operate entirely off the grid
  5. Want new affordable housing quickly? Try splitting up existing homes

Redesigning Cities

  1. These 15 urban design projects are reinventing cities for a zero-carbon future
  2. Can cities design policies to shrink the racial wealth gap?
  3. How to redesign cities to fight loneliness


  1. This ad shows the true cost of world hunger
  2. Can you ace this test on global poverty?
  3. This basic income program will give $1,000 a month to black mothers
  4. Report: Child Poverty Could Be Cut In Half Over 10 Years, At A Hefty Price

Home Inventory Tech

  1. Welcome to Amazon’s Showroom
  2. WIZT — A home inventory app to record, search and locate items fast


  1. Why can’t we build anything? (Part 2)
  2. NYC’s first shapeshifting building is finally here (The price tag? $400 million)


  1. Putting this material on roofs can help clean up smoggy air
  2. This super-reflective coating keeps buildings cool so we don’t need as much AC
  3. This project is mapping every solar panel in the country using machine learning

Homeless Stories

  1. Kicked Off the Land
    via: Longform
  2. 10 million homeless people have clean socks thanks to Bombas
  3. Trying Not To Break Down — A Homeless Teen Navigates Middle School

Fixing Home-less-ness

  1. This real estate company figured out a simple way to offer the homeless a house and a job
  2. 3 cities in the U.S. have ended chronic homelessness: Here’s how they did it

Homeless + Tech

  1. This tech CEO is offering a $1 million donation to inspire tech companies to help fight homelessness
    This tech company is giving half a million to fight homelessness


  1. Proposed Rule Could Evict 55,000 Children From Subsidized Housing
    HUD: 55,000 kids at risk of eviction under proposed rule


Sports News

  1. The most ridiculous, bizarre and sublime sports video games of all-time
  2. This blind skater is doing tricks thanks to this cool sound-based tech
    via: Fast Company
  3. Toronto Raptors and St. Louis Blues fans are breaking merch records
  4. The Heart of a Swimmer vs. the Heart of a Runner
  5. Don’T Celebrate Too Early – Sport Fails
  6. This high school relay comeback is one of the most impressive in running history
  7. Live streams of karate and niche sports are terrifying major sports leagues
  8. Why John Oliver is calling for WWE fans to protest at WrestleMania

Sports Betting

  1. Media companies are eyeing cash from sports betting, but don’t want to alienate casual fans
  2. Media companies are eyeing cash from sports betting, but don’t want to alienate casual fans


Baseball News

  1. Pumpsie Green, 1st Black Player On The Boston Red Sox, Dies At 85
    via: NPR News
  2. Stealing first base might become A Thing – A Hunt and Peck
    via: Viva El Birdos
  3. Justin Verlander isn’t a fan of MLB’s ‘juiced balls’
    via: Baseball Nation
  4. ‘Robot umpires’ make independent league baseball debut
    via: TechCrunch
  5. Major League Baseball managers wearing uniforms is the weirdest thing in sports we’ve accepted as normal
    via: Baseball Nation
  6. After Numerous Foul Ball Fan Injuries, Baseball Reconsiders Protective Netting
    via: NPR News
  7. MLB exploring using tech to help call balls and strikes
  8. A new study of MLB pitch calls makes a strong case for robotic umpires
  9. Trump Administration Kills Baseball Deal With Cuba
  10. MLB teams are trading out their former big league hitting pros for tech and data analysts

Baseball Stories

  1. The Great Albert Belle Bat Caper
  2. The infamous Bill Ripken card, 30 years later

Baseball Clips + Stats

  1. Reds lift weights in dugout before game /// via:
  2. Some MLB All Stars have a little fun with Jimmy Fallon
    via: Viva El Birdos
  3. Khris Davis’ batting average wizardry is even more impressive than you think
  4. The best catches from this year’s Gold Glove nominees
  5. This Yu Darvish fastball hit a dude’s beans at 99 mph, then took out the umpire
  6. Is this walk-off backflip more disrespectful than a walk-off bat flip?

St. Louis Cardinals

  1. On this day in 1967 Bob Gibson broke his leg – A Hunt and Peck
    via: Viva El Birdos
  2. On the Moon Man’s birthday, brush up on your Shannon-isms
    via: STL Today
  3. July 12, 1966: Brand-new Busch Stadium becomes a torture chamber in 103-degree heat at All-Star Game
    via: Retro Simba
  4. What if the Cardinals Had Just Done Nothing? Part One: The Math
    via: Viva El Birdos
  5. Cards notebook: 17-run outburst without a homer was MLB rarity
  6. Bob Gibson: First Cardinals pitcher with immaculate inning
  7. How Cardinals, Browns discriminated against black fans
  8. Dan McLaughlin totally called and then called Matt Carpenter’s 36th home run – A Hunt and Peck

Stan Musial

  1. May 13, 1958: Stan Musial gets hit No. 3,000 before 5,692 people at Wrigley
  2. 65 years ago Stan Musial hit 5 homers in a doubleheader. This is how Bob Broeg described it


Basketball News

  1. What kind of basketball does the BIG3 want to be?
    via: SB Nation
  2. Dorktown: Mavericks-Spurs, and the greatest coaching performance in NBA history
    via: SB Nation
  3. The profound impact of the NBA’s nomadic era on its fandom
    via: Axios
  4. The NBA just invested in this hot AI startup to train and find its next crop of global superstars
    via: Fast Company
  5. Yao Ming wants to find China’s next international basketball star
  6. The Warriors hid a Serbian teenager in Santa Cruz for a year, and then drafted him
  7. Blake Griffin found a unique new way to argue a call with a referee
  8. This photo of Zion Williamson is so unbelievable it looks fake
  9. James Harden’s impossible box scores, explained
  10. The FBI and a disgraced ref are at the center of one of the NBA’s biggest conspiracy theories
  11. Darius Miles talking about his life on the early-2000s Clippers is simply incredible


  1. Klay Thompson sets NBA record for threes in a game with 14
  2. NBA three-pointers are leading the sports analytics revolution
  3. Grinnell hit 42 threes in a game breaking the laws of math and basketball


  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo is the NBA’s Dunk Lord
  2. Boban can dunk without jumping. Send help
  3. Here is every time LeBron James had his dunk blocked


Football News

  1. Larry Fitzgerald made a hole in one while golfing with Barack Obama
  2. Atlanta’s menu prices put other Super Bowl stadiums to shame
  3. NFL defenders got no credit for sacks until they gave them a name

Football Clips

  1. Look At This F***Ing 95-Yard Punt
  2. Are Chiefs fans really the loudest in the world?

Sports & Kids

  1. This dad mic’d up his 4-year-old son playing hockey, and it’s the greatest
  2. This 3-year-old skater dropping into a 6-foot halfpipe is the world’s most extreme toddler
  3. 7-Year-Old Girl Belts Out National Anthem, Steals Show At MLS Match

Social Media

Social Media Tips

  1. Signal Beacon — Team up around hashtags for more retweets, likes & traffic /// via: Product Hunt
  2. New Study: What 100 Social Media Followers Are Really Worth /// via: Neil Patel
  3. Pew: Social media for the first time tops newspapers as a news source for US adults
  4. What stories do well on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google
  5. How to Succeed in Social Media Without Posting Any Content
  6. How to Run a (Successful) Cross-Platform Social Media Campaign
  7. Use Zapier: What Is Zapier

Social Media & Kids

  1. Social Media May Sway Kids To Eat More Cookies — And More Calories
  2. My kid is an Instagram Influencer. Here’s what I do with her money


Instagram & Music

  1. New Feature Alert: Lyrics on Instagram Stories | Symphonic Distribution
  2. Insta-Albums: It Pays To Be Social (Sort Of)

Instagram News

  1. Instagram will let you appeal post takedowns
  2. Instagram is an engagement powerhouse
  3. 7 Eco-Friendly Instagram Accounts to Follow
  4. Instagram appears to be testing a way to watch videos with friends


  1. Instagram is using object recognition tech to describe photos for visually impaired users
  2. Instagram now uses machine learning to detect bullying within photos

IG: Checkout, Shopping, Charity

  1. Instagram just made it much easier for influencers to help drive charitable giving
  2. Instagram launches shopping checkout, charging sellers a fee

Instagram For Business

  1. Instagram Lets Users Add Alt Text to Photos by @MattGSouthern
  2. 5 Reasons Why Brands are Using Private Instagram Accounts

Instagram ‘Likes’

  1. The end of Likes? Instagram follows Twitter in mulling downgrade to influencer mentality
  2. Instagram officially tests hiding Like counts

Instagram & #Hashtags

  1. Instagram is Testing a Way to Add Hashtags to Posts Without Putting Them in Captions by @MattGSouthern
  2. Instagram may divide hashtags from captions to end overhashing
  3. Flick — Grow your Instagram with quality hashtags
  4. #HSHTG — Generate and manage Instagram hashtags
  5. Rubric – the_caption_app

Grid Layouts

  1. Cornergram — A simple, beautiful app for a new kind of Instagram layout
  2. How to Create a Visually Appealing Instagram
  3. How to Style Your Instagram Grid Layout: 4 Planning Tools

IG: Links

  1. 3 Tools That Increase Your Instagram Bio Links
  2. 8 Ways to Share Links on Instagram

IG: Tools

  1. 27 Instagram Tools Marketers Should Know About in 2019
  2. 15 of the Best Instagram Stories Apps to Level Up Your Content
  3. 8 Ways to Share Links on Instagram
  5. A Visual Planner & Scheduler for Instagram.

IG: Templates

  1. Instagram Story Templates – Kapwing
  2. Hepburn free Instagram templates


Facebook News

  1. Go chat yourself with Facebook’s new Portal companion app
  2. This supercut of Mark Zuckerberg promising Facebook growth is literal art
  3. How Facebook is designing for an incoming avalanche of dead users
  4. Facebook pivots to what it wishes it was
  5. Old Facebook finally wants you to ‘Meet New Friends’
  6. Facebook is Introducing New Business Tools for Messenger by @MattGSouthern
  7. Facebook Messenger starts rolling out Unsend; here’s how it works
  8. Facebook Explains How its Search Results Work by @MattGSouthern
  9. Facebook Makes it Easier to Find Local News and Information by @MattGSouthern

Facebook For Business Tips

  1. Flexible online learning, developed by the experts. Get started now.
  2. 13 Facebook Engagement Tactics for Your Business Page
  3. How to Use Event Tracking in Facebook Analytics: Event Source Groups

Facebook Ads News

  1. Facebook relaunches search ads to offset slowing revenue – TechCrunch
  2. Introducing Three and a Half Degrees: A Podcast for Business Stories in the Age of Connectivity
  3. Facebook will reveal who uploaded your contact info for ad targeting

Twitter News

  1. Twitter tests a new way to label replies /// via: TechCrunch
  2. Apple tries out the ‘choose-your-own adventure’ Twitter thread format that recently went viral
  3. Twitter Updates TweetDeck With Support for GIFs, Threads, and More via @MattGSouthern
  4. Twitter Archive Eraser 2.0 — Backup and delete thousands of your old tweets in one go
  5. Twitter gives Retweets an upgrade
  6. 10% of Twitter Users are Creating 80% of Tweets by @MattGSouthern
  7. Twitter’s new prototype app ‘twttr’ launches today
  8. Twitter looks to let you hide replies to your tweets
  9. Twitter testing ‘Original Tweeter’ tag to distinguish who started a thread

Reddit News

  1. Reddit quarantines its biggest headache
  2. Reddit Now Gets 1.4 Billion Native Video Views Per Month by @MattGSouthern


  1. Snap shares its in-house accelerator’s next 10 investments: /// via: TechCrunch
  2. #1 app YOLO Q&A is the Snapchat platform’s 1st hit

TikTok News

  1. Sorry, ads are coming to TikTok
  2. TikTok hit $9M in in-app purchases last month, up 500% over last year
  3. Look out, Apple and Spotify: TikTok’s owner is getting into the streaming music biz
  4. TikTok tops the iOS App Store for the fifth quarter in a row
  5. The Most Downloaded Social App Last Month Wasn’t Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat by @MattGSouthern
  6. TikTok’s next ambitious goal is to discover future music stars