Health Articles

Health News

  1. Google’s SMILY is reverse image search for cancer diagnosis
    via: TechCrunch
  2. Quipcare — Dental insurance made simple
    via: Product Hunt
  3. Think You Don’t Need A Flu Shot? Here Are 5 Reasons To Change Your Mind
  4. Scientists Who Sparked Revolution In Cancer Treatment Share Nobel Prize In Medicine
  5. DaliaCare — A skin cancer detector for your phone
  6. New HIV Map Offers Most Detailed Look Yet At The Epidemic
  7. Teeth-straightening startup SmileDirectClub is now worth $3.2 billion

Youth Health

  1. The suicide rate for 15 to 24-year-olds is the highest it’s been in two decades
  2. How to get teens to give up junk food: Tell them they’re victims of corporate manipulation
  3. Anti-vaccination content haunts Big Tech
  4. Youngest Children In A Class Are Most Likely To Get ADHD Diagnosis
  5. Number Of U.S. Kids Who Don’t Have Health Insurance Is On The Rise
  6. Meet Bobbie, a baby formula delivery startup promising healthier ingredients
  7. How To Help Kids Overcome Their Fear Of Doctors And Shots

Drug Articles

Drugs: Cures

  1. The unique, puzzling antidepressant effects of an illicit party drug
  2. In Close Vote, Denver Becomes 1st U.S. City To Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms

Drugs: On Islands

  1. Blow up: how half a tonne of cocaine transformed the life of an island
  2. Meth and murder: A new kind of drug war has made Tijuana one of the deadliest cities on Earth

Drugs: Opiods

  1. More Kids Are Getting Placed In Foster Care Because Of Parents’ Drug Use
    via: NPR News
  2. Tired Of Being ‘Dope Sick,’ A Drug User Gets Help From Police To Get Sober
  3. Addiction Kills More Blacks, But Treatment Is Prescribed Mostly To Whites
  4. As Meth Use Surges, First Responders Struggle To Help Those In Crisis
  5. Poll: Rural Americans Rattled By Opioid Epidemic; Many Want Government Help
  6. Report: Americans Are Now More Likely To Die Of An Opioid Overdose Than On The Road

Drugs: Opiods + Doctors

  1. Nearly 60 Doctors, Other Medical Workers Charged In Federal Opioid Sting
  2. California Doctors Alarmed As State Links Their Opioid Prescriptions to Deaths

Drugs: Vaping

  1. E-cigarette study finds bacterial and fungal toxins in popular products
  2. Teen Vaping Soared In 2018

Food Articles

Food News

  1. The Chicken Is Local, But Was It Happy? GPS Now Tells The Life Story Of Your Poultry
  2. Fish farming could be the center of a future food system
  3. Yum and Yuck: The Psychology Of What We Eat…And What We Spit Out
  4. These high-tech storage containers will tell you when food goes bad

Food Finder

  1. The Good Stuff in New York – Neapolitan Pizza Finder
  2. Snap a photo of a menu and Google Lens can tell you what to order
  3. Kale.World — Nutrient based food and recipe finder
  4. Discover Meals — Find the meal recipes by the ingredients that you select.
  5. What to Eat in — Discover what real locals eat all around the world 🌍

Food Nutrition

  1. It’s Not Just Salt, Sugar, Fat: Study Finds Ultra-Processed Foods Drive Weight Gain
  2. How Did Chickpea Flour, A Staple Of Indian Cuisine, Become A Health Food Sensation?
    Should You Keep Taking Those Fish Oil And Vitamin D Pills?
  3. How Much Protein Do You Really Need?

Food Nutrition Policies

  1. Study: Sugar Rules The World And Ruins Teeth
    via: NPR News
  2. Will Gene-Edited Food Be Government Regulated?
  3. Lots Of Antibiotics Are Used In Beef Production. McDonald’s Vows To Change This
  4. Panera Bread launches new digital video series on food transparency
  5. Food Stamps For Soda: Time To End Billion-Dollar Subsidy For Sugary Drinks?

Vegetarian News

  1. Mylk Guys wants to be the online vegan grocery store that non-vegans can love
    via: TechCrunch
  2. The Vegan Filter — Filter & find vegan products on major shopping sites ✅
  3. Tradivegan — Traditional vegan recipes from all around the world 🌍🌱
  4. Beyoncé and JAY-Z Encourage Veganism in New Book Intro
  5. How To Get Meat Eaters To Eat More Plant-Based Foods? Make Their Mouths Water
  6. Swapping beef for plant-based protein could (literally) save lives
  7. In two months, Ikea sold 1 million of its new veggie hot dogs

Vegetarian & Alt-Meat

  1. Can plant-based meat grow from a $1 billion industry to a $20 billion industry?
  2. Big Beef Prepares For Battle, As Interest Grows In Plant-Based And Lab-Grown Meats
  3. It’s A Plant! Vegetarian Restaurant Lures In Meat-Lovers — And It’s Working
  4. 2019 will be the year alt-meat goes mainstream
  5. Here’s how the footprint of the plant-based Impossible Burger compares to beef

Sleep Articles


  1. Sleep Training Truths: What Science Can (And Can’t) Tell Us About Crying It Out
    via: NPR News
  2. Fish and humans sleep in similar ways
    via: Axios
  3. You really need to stop hitting the snooze button. Here’s why
  4. Turns out that morning people really are more productive than night owls
  5. Teens Sleeping Too Much, Or Not Enough? Parents Can Help
  6. The $70 billion quest for a good night’s sleep
  7. Why do so many Spotify users fall asleep to Ed Sheeran?
  8. Sleep Cycle adds ‘snore detection’ to its sleep-tracking Android app
  9. Sleepless No More In Seattle — Later School Start Time Pays Off For Teens

Brain Articles

Brain News

  1. Can You Reshape Your Brain’s Response To Pain?
  2. How The Brain Shapes Pain And Links Ouch With Emotion
  3. Why we lie to ourselves every day
  4. The Underestimated Cerebellum Gains New Respect From Brain Scientists

Brain Health

  1. 5 Simple Ways To Encourage Brain Development In Your Little One
  2. Scientists Test Whether Brain Stimulation Could Help Sharpen Aging Memory
  3. Scientists Test Whether Brain Stimulation Could Help Sharpen Aging Memory
    Doctors Say ‘Brain Health’ Supplements Are ‘Pseudoscience’

Brain, Memory

  1. How Trauma Affects Memory: Scientists Weigh In On The Kavanaugh Hearing
  2. Scientists start to unravel how the brain forgets

Education Articles

Education News

  1. Congress Considers Making College More Accessible To People In Prison
  2. How to fix segregation in NYC schools? Let students hack the algorithm
  3. Nearly 180,000 Students Won’t Have To Repay Loans From For-Profit Higher Ed Company

Education & Kids

  1. So How Do You Teach Kids To Be Honest?
  2. People who grow up with books have better math and digital communication skills
  3. Why Millions Of Kids Can’t Read, And What Better Teaching Can Do About It
  4. Apple’s new ‘Sesame Street’-themed TV show will teach kids coding basics

Eduational Kids Apps

  1. Tappity — Tappity teaches your child about science from experts.
  2. Google’s latest app, Rivet, uses speech processing to help kids learn to read

Mood-Related Articles


  1. American parents are depressed, and the reason why is even more depressing
    via: Fast Company
  2. 73% Of Independent Musicians Suffer From Stress, Anxiety And Depression
    via: hypebot
  3. Feeling steamed? You’re not alone: Americans hit record levels of stress, worry, and anger
    via: Fast Company
  4. Moody — An easy way to track depression and anxiety
    via: Product Hunt


  1. Elon Musk’s Neuralink looks to begin outfitting human brains with faster input and output starting next year
    via: TechCrunch
  2. Neuroscience says listening to this song reduces anxiety by up to 65 percent
    via: Fast Company
  3. Your body is a map of your emotions
    via: Fast Company

Mood & Screentime Correlation

  1. Can screen time replace the warmth of a hug? Prisons make a big push on devices
    via: Fast Company
  2. Our phones are making us unwell–but behavioral design can help
    via: Fast Company
  3. Nielsen: the second screen is booming as 45% often or always use devices while watching TV
    via: TechCrunch
  4. Limiting social media use reduced loneliness and depression in new experiment
    via: TechCrunch
  5. Teen Girls And Their Moms Get Candid About Phones And Social Media
    via: NPR News

Mood Tips

  1. Introverts, acting like an extrovert won’t make you happier
    via: Fast Company
  2. Anger Can Be Contagious — Here’s How To Stop The Spread
    via: NPR News
  3. How to train yourself to deal with criticism
    via: Fast Company

Fem-Health Articles

FemHealth News

  1. FemTech & HealthThe U.S. fertility rate reached a record low last year
  2. Sextech company scorned by CES scores $2M and an apology
  3. 60% of U.S. deaths from pregnancy complications are preventable: CDC
  4. It’s a new era for fertility tech
  5. Researchers develop earrings that double as contraceptives
  6. Femtech’s billion-dollar year

Elvie, Pumps, Bra, & Breast Cancer

  1. Elvie raises $42M to become the go-to destination for women’s health
  2. Elvie raises $42M to become the go-to destination for women’s health
  3. Breast-pump maker Elvie raises $42 million in biggest femtech investment yet
  4. Lilu Massage Bra — The first pumping bra that helps moms get 30% more milk

Violence, Date/Marital Rape Against Women

  1. An Epidemic of Disbelief
    via: Longform
  2. The Billboard
  3. Poll: More Believe Ford Than Kavanaugh, A Cultural Shift From 1991
  4. Military sexual assaults jumped to 20,000, Pentagon survey finds
  5. Tech companies step in to stop date rape
  6. Why women are indefinitely sharing their locations
  7. This Woman Fought To End Minnesota’s ‘Marital Rape’ Exception, And Won
  8. U.N. Report: 50,000 Women A Year Are Killed By Intimate Partners, Family Members
  9. Can A Woman’s Rising Social Status Bring Down Rates Of Domestic Violence?


  1. Tampons are not “luxury” items: Why this campaign says the period tax must end
  2. Student Spurs Brookline, Mass., To Offer Free Tampons And Pads In Public Buildings
  3. Daye, a startup developing a ‘cramp-fighting’ tampon, raises $5.5M from Khosla, Index and Kindred
  4. Exclusive: Google releases 53 gender fluid emoji
  5. A startup trying to detect endometriosis through ‘smart tampons’ just landed $9 million in Series A funding
  6. Women finally get a menstruation emoji
  7. Garmin adds menstrual cycle tracking to devices