Fixing Housing

  1. Google just committed $1 billion to build new housing in the Bay Area
  2. Market map: the 200+ innovative startups transforming affordable housing
  3. There will soon be a whole community of ultra-low-cost 3D-printed homes
  4. This black female entrepreneur is rebuilding D.C. with foreign dollars—and a dream
  5. 4 popular, innovative ideas to help fix America’s housing crisis
  6. What if paying rent on time boosted your credit score?

Tiny Houses

  1. This cozy apartment can be dropped onto existing buildings, and it only costs $11K
    via: Fast Company
  2. Drones could spray your next house out of a hose
  3. Drones could spray your next house out of a hose
  4. These gorgeous tiny houses can operate entirely off the grid
  5. Want new affordable housing quickly? Try splitting up existing homes

Redesigning Cities

  1. These 15 urban design projects are reinventing cities for a zero-carbon future
  2. Can cities design policies to shrink the racial wealth gap?
  3. How to redesign cities to fight loneliness


  1. This ad shows the true cost of world hunger
  2. Can you ace this test on global poverty?
  3. This basic income program will give $1,000 a month to black mothers
  4. Report: Child Poverty Could Be Cut In Half Over 10 Years, At A Hefty Price

Home Inventory Tech

  1. Welcome to Amazon’s Showroom
  2. WIZT — A home inventory app to record, search and locate items fast


  1. Why can’t we build anything? (Part 2)
  2. NYC’s first shapeshifting building is finally here (The price tag? $400 million)


  1. Putting this material on roofs can help clean up smoggy air
  2. This super-reflective coating keeps buildings cool so we don’t need as much AC
  3. This project is mapping every solar panel in the country using machine learning

Homeless Stories

  1. Kicked Off the Land
    via: Longform
  2. 10 million homeless people have clean socks thanks to Bombas
  3. Trying Not To Break Down — A Homeless Teen Navigates Middle School

Fixing Home-less-ness

  1. This real estate company figured out a simple way to offer the homeless a house and a job
  2. 3 cities in the U.S. have ended chronic homelessness: Here’s how they did it

Homeless + Tech

  1. This tech CEO is offering a $1 million donation to inspire tech companies to help fight homelessness
    This tech company is giving half a million to fight homelessness


  1. Proposed Rule Could Evict 55,000 Children From Subsidized Housing
    HUD: 55,000 kids at risk of eviction under proposed rule

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