Images: SVG (10 Links)

Updated January 2, 2020 with Vincent Will’s free Convert2SVG tool that converts images in color

  1. Convert2Svg – A Simple Image To SVG Vector Converter /// via: Vincent Will – Blog
  2. WebGrid SVG building tool — A web app that lets you create and download svg documents via ProductHunt
  3. Font Kiko – Free Icon Font, SVG, AI, EPS – Download Now! via FontKiko
  4. 10 Fantastic Sites for Downloading Free Vector Templates via SpeckyBoy
  5. SVG Generator via SVGmator!
  6. Svgbob Editor – Convert your ascii diagram scribbles into happy little SVG via Jovansonlee Cesar
  7. Change Color of SVG on Hover via CSS-Tricks
  8. A Practical Guide To SVG And Design Tools via Smashing Magazine
  9. SVG Filter Effects: Moving Forward via CoDrops
  10. Blobmaker via Blobmaker App

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