Visual Stories

  1. 12 maps that tell the extraordinary story of 2018
  2. Favorite Visual Stories Of 2018

Tab Organization Tools

  1. Tab Keeper — An extension to save all the tabs in a browser session
  2. Quick Notes — Maintain organized notes on every new tab 📝

URL Copy & Search Tools

  1. jstrieb/urlpages
  2. Sifty
  3. Copy All URLs — Copy and open multiple URLS at once
  4. Multicopy — Copy multiple things and paste any from right click menu

Stocks News

  1. Fiverr shares climb 90% in first day of trading
  2. DoorDash, now valued at $12.6B, shoots for the moon
  3. Big revenues, huge valuations and major losses: charting the era of the unicorn IPO
  4. Fastly pops in public offering showing that there’s still money for tech IPOs
  5. Direct listings challenge benefits of traditional IPOs for unicorns
  6. Instant Stock Market Simulator — Instantly jump to the next trading day
  7. Stock buybacks shattered records in 2018


  1. This structural toy is the perfect gift for young engineers (and old ones, too)
  2. Tech Will Save Us offers STEM toys you’ll actually use
  3. 10 STEM-approved Toys to Make the Holidays a Learning Experience

Space News

  1. This 46-minute John F. Kennedy speech reshaped the history of space exploration (and it almost didn’t happen)
    NASA Probe Sends Pictures Of An Object 4 Billion Miles From The Sun
  2. Report: Jeff Bezos wants to take Blue Origin straight to the moon

SpaceX misplaced

  1. Elon Musk’s SpaceX just launched 60 internet-beaming satellites to space

Sound Block

  1. Scientists have discovered a shape that blocks all sound–even your co-workers
  2. I tried a “sound bath” to feel less stressed and more productive

Screenshot Generators via Product Hunt

  1. Screenzy — A simple screenshot beautifier
  2. Link Checker by GMass — Get screenshots of all your links before sending email.
  3. MoviePrint — Create screenshots of entire movies in an instant
  4. Pdf.to — Convert PDF to Word, Excel, JPG & compress PDF
  5. ScreenTray — A better way to capture, annotate and share screenshots
  6. Screen Guru — Take clean screenshots of any website
  7. HelloPDF — Generating a PDF from a URL has never been easier
  8. Scrola — Create scrolling website screenshots, easily

Science + Insects

  1. Drug-resistant “superbugs” could kill 10 million and devastate the economy by 2050
  2. Sick And Tired? Scientists Find Protein That Puts Flies To Sleep And Fights Infection


  1. Want to learn to play piano? This innovative keyboard will teach you
  2. 50% Of New Guitars Sold To Young Women
  3. Moosiko — The Rosetta Stone for learning guitar

Voice Changers

  1. VoiceMo 2.0 — Voice chat with funny effects.
  2. VocalRemover — Remove vocals from a song leaving only the background music
  3. Squeak Voice Changer — Make your friends laugh with this voice changer


  1. Private companies are making money off the prison system in every way imaginable
  2. Private prisons have ballooned into a $5 billion industry and have thrived under Trump


  1. This majestic new book collects seven decades of cat photography
  2. Hope you like to eat jellyfish, because they’re taking over the oceans
    These adorable koala drinking fountains will help them hydrate as Australia heats up
  3. Cats Might Not Act Like It, But They Know Their Names As Well As Dogs, Study Says
  4. In this rhino internet of things, rhinos wear GPS trackers in their horns
  5. After Walking Thousands Of Miles, Mink The Bear Is Almost Back Home
  6. To Decrease Bird Kills, Cat Lovers Team Up With Bird Lovers In D.C. Cat Count
  7. Same-Sex Penguin Couple Fosters An Egg In Sydney
  8. It’s A Chick! Sydney’s Same-Sex Penguin Couple Welcome Baby

Rare & Endangered Animals

  1. This photographer is capturing images of dying species before they disappear
  2. Check out these gorgeous rare amphibians, because they might soon be extinct
  3. Scientists Unveil Ancient Sea Monsters Found In Angola
  4. Scientists Shocked By Rare, Giant Sunfish Washed Up On California Beach
  5. Giant Florida wolfdog goes viral

Scientists & Animals

  1. Bald Eagle Caught Elegantly … Swimming?
  2. Scientists Modify Viruses With CRISPR To Create New Weapon Against Superbugs
  3. Why Octopuses Might Be The Next Lab Rats
  4. Primal Fear: Can Monkeys Help Unlock the Secrets of Trauma?
  5. Scientists revive some brain cells in pigs — four hours after death

Animal Toys via Product Hunt

  1. Cat Bods — Cats love boxes and this box makes them look good!
  2. Say BARK! — Talking dog holiday cards from the makers of BarkBox
  3. Wicked Ball — A smart ball to keep your pet entertained all day long

API Scraping Tools

  1. Website Metadata Scraper API — Extract email, phone number and more from just a URL.
  2. Design API — Instantly pull company branding data to use in your projects


  1. Startup idea checklist
  2. 5 free apps to supercharge your memory
  3. Whimsical — The Visual Workspace
  4. I trained myself to be creative by doing these 9 things
  5. Write a Joke — Write a million punchlines until one is funny.
  6. thinkery
  7. Portent’s Content Idea Generator – Instant Blog Topic Inspiration
  8. Fast idea generator


  1. New THC and CBD-infused beverage company, Cann, joins the race to replace booze /// via: TechCrunch
  2. Cannabis banking reform is smart, necessary and politically viable
    Daily Marijuana Use And Highly Potent Weed Linked To Psychosis
  3. Meet the woman raising cannabis to a higher medical standard
  4. 38 Attorneys General Ask Congress To Bring Marijuana Money Into Banking System
  5. Where cannabis investors see the next big wave? In precision dosing


  1. For Adidas, Stella McCartney is making new clothes by liquifying old ones
  2. Madewell, Patagonia, and Eileen Fisher want to buy your old clothes
  3. The next big thing in fashion? Not washing your clothes
  4. We asked two of our female editors to wear the same thing every day. Here’s what happened
  5. Urban Outfitters tries to stay relevant with an $88 monthly rental service
  6. Articles of Interest – 99% Invisible
  7. We wore Ralph Lauren’s $899 self-heating jacket into the Polar Vortex
  8. Practical smart clothing might finally be near


  1. New podcast digs into all 846 episodes of “Cops” and its distorted reality of crime culture
  2. Cops can’t force you unlock your phone with your fingerprint: judge


  1. Infographic: The Future of E-Commerce
  2. 60 Largest Online Stores on The Internet

Email Marketing Tools

  1. How to Code a Mobile-First Responsive Email Template [Tutorial] – Designmodo
  2. Background Images in Email Templates, How to Use
  3. Background Images in Email Templates, How to Use – Designmodo
  4. Campaign Monitor Pricing & Plan | Sendhippo
  5. Stripo.email — Free email template builder for designers and developers
  6. Mailtolink.me | The Mailto Link Generator
  7. Sendy

Email Signatures

  1. SignEasy for Gmail 2.0 — Sign documents or collect signatures directly within Gmail
  2. 9 Tips for Designing an Email Signature in 2019
  3. How to Create an Amazing Email Signature
  4. MySigMail — UI email signature generator on GitHub

Finances: Wealth

  1. Interactive: The average person on Earth is now 4.4 times richer than in 1950
  2. Why Aren’t Millennials Spending? They’re Poorer Than Previous Generations, Fed Says
  3. Wealthy people and corporations have so much money they don’t know what to do with it
  4. The Wealth Detective Who Finds the Hidden Money of the Super Rich
  5. The IRS Tried to Take on the Ultrawealthy. It Didn’t Go Well.

Women & Wall Street

  1. Yes, white men completely control Wall Street
  2. Warren Buffett makes surprise appearance at “way overdue” conference on women and investing

Learning JavaScript

  1. Level up your .sort game
  2. A Minimal JavaScript Setup
  3. CodeGuppy | Coding for kids, teens and creative adults
  4. Flashcards for Developers — Flashcards to boost your professional skills


  1. Scientists Genetically Modify Fungus To Kill Mosquitoes That Spread Malaria
  2. Building A Better Mosquito Trap — One Scientist Thinks He’s Done It
  3. Skip the insecticide this summer. Fight mosquitos with bat homes
  4. How Mosquitoes Sniff Out Human Sweat To Find Us
  5. Scientists’ ‘Craziest Experiment Possible’ Actually Works On Mosquitoes


  1. New York just passed a hugely ambitious climate law
  2. NYC’s brilliant plan to capitalize on land no one else wants
  3. Bounce — Store your bags/luggage in local hotels & shops
  4. How 2 New York Women Erased $1.5 Million In Medical Debt For Hundreds Of Strangers
  5. NYC Has Just 5 Statues Of Historic Women. That’s About To Change

Google & NYC

  1. Google partners with MotherCoders to bring tech training to moms in New York City
  2. Google is spending $1 billion to build a massive new campus in New York

NYC & Tech

  1. New York on Tech is helping under-resourced students become future tech leaders
  2. NYC plans cybersecurity industry push that could add 10,000 jobs

New York Times

  1. NYT editor predicts almost all newspapers will die in 5 years
  2. The New York Times & Google Cloud
  3. Profits at The New York Times show media dinosaurs are ruling the internet
  4. This is why 1,600 men signed a full page NYT ad in support of Christine Blasey Ford

Migrants & Immigration

  1. Study: Immigrants and their kids founded 45% of U.S. Fortune 500 companies /// via: Axios
  2. Ocasio-Cortez calls conditions inside Texas migrant center “horrifying”
  3. Texas Republican says conditions in migrant detention centers are worst he’s ever seen
  4. Inside the horrors of migrant detention centers
  5. The Deported
  6. ‘Thank God We’re OK.’ Migrants Tell Of Conditions In A Texas Holding Facility
  7. What They Took With Them As They Fled Conflicts
  8. Stunning Photos Depict Migrants ‘As They’d Rather Be Seen’
  9. ‘They Know I’m Different’: Deportee Struggles In Iraq After Decades Living In U.S.
  10. How The 1965 Immigration Act Made America A Nation Of Immigrants
  11. ‘An Irony’: Shutdown Fight Over Border Security Takes Toll On Immigration Enforcement

Politics & Women

  1. In Historic First, Lori Lightfoot Inaugurated As Chicago’s Mayor
  2. The New Congress Has A Record Number Of Women — But Very Few Republican Women
  3. What It Looks Like To Have A Record Number Of Women In The House Of Representatives

Population Trends

  1. Is Genocide Predictable? Researchers Say Absolutely
  2. South And West Continue Rapid Growth, According To New Population Data
  3. Older, less white, less religious: What America will look like in 2040
  4. America is on the way to a majority minority future by 2045
  5. Stephen Hawking’s final papers predict the future will be super-rich superhumans vs. regular humans
  6. The United States is back to being a nation of immigrants
  7. Cities are increasingly being dominated by wealthy, childless residents
  8. How each country’s population will change in the next 30 years

React Basics

  1. Learn React.js in 5 minutes – freeCodeCamp.org
  2. Resources for Learning React


  1. Robinhood launches no-fee checking/savings with Mastercard & the most ATMs
  2. Robinhood launches checking and savings with an almost unheard-of 3% interest rate


Midlife & Seniors

  1. Rory — Your partner through mid-life
  2. Meet the woman leading a sex revolution for seniors


  1. The annual PornHub year in review tells us what we’re really looking at online
  2. How your porn addiction can help save the bees

Porn News

  1. “Terrifying potential”: Claims of a face-ID system for porn actresses spark privacy fears
  2. Facebook says its new AI technology can detect ‘revenge porn’

Sex Stats

  1. Music Is More Important Than Sex, TV, Coffee New Sonos Survey Shows
  2. Self-driving cars will be for sex, scientists say
  3. Gen-Z men aren’t having sex, and the internet (of course) may be to blame

Boning Out

  1. When Your Wedding Night Is Your First Time
  2. A Sex Journal for Couples — A simple tool for extraordinary sex
  3. O.school O.riginals — Original videos & GIFs to learn sex, pleasure, & dating
  4. OMGyes Season 2 — All about ways to make penetration more pleasurable!

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