Spotify Competition

  1. Tidal highlights behind-the-scenes personnel with new credits feature /// via: TechCrunch
  2. Tidal highlights behind-the-scenes personnel with new credits feature
  3. SoundCloud Now Has 5X As Many Tracks As Spotify /// via: hypebot
  4. Apple Music Now Has More Paid U.S. Subscribers Than Spotify: Report /// via: Pitchfork Media
  5. Amazon’s Ad Supported Strategy Goes Far Beyond Spotify /// via: hypebot

Spotify News

  1. 6 Tales From ‘Spotify Unknown’ Of Near Misses, Aborted Acquisitions and Steve Jobs’ Heavy Breathing /// via: hypebot
  2. Spotify Draws Fire For ‘Tone Deaf’ Ad Campaign: ‘Dance As If No One Is Paying” /// via: hypebot
  3. Spotify is testing its own version of Stories called ‘Storyline’ /// via: TechCrunch
  4. Spotify Tests Social Listening /// via: hypebot
  5. Spotify Stations Free App Has Launched In US /// via: hypebot
  6. Anchor is Spotify’s best bet to beat Apple for control of your ears /// via: Fast Company
  7. Spotify takes a stake in DistroKid, will support cross-platform music uploads in Spotify for Artists /// via: TechCrunch
  8. Spotify’s leanback instant listening app Stations hits iOS /// via: TechCrunch
  9. Spotify’s new ad metrics show what listeners do after they click /// via: TechCrunch

Personalized Playlists

  1. Spotify Adds Personalization To Curated Playlists and That’s Great News For Artists, Labels /// via: hypebot
  2. Spotify Says Personalization Increased Song Discovery 35% /// via: hypebot
  3. Spotify spotted testing ‘Your Daily Drive,’ a personalized playlist that includes podcasts /// via: TechCrunch

Spotify Stats

  1. Spotify’s Most Streamed Artists, Tracks 2018 Are All Male and It Has Only Itself To Blame /// via: hypebot
  2. This Infographic Tells Story Of Spotify’s Strong Q4 /// via: hypebot
  3. Spotify Adds 40,000 New Tracks Every Day [That’s Not A Typo] /// via: hypebot

Spotify Tools

  1. How Spotify Pre-Save Is Leading A Shift In Digital Music Marketing /// via: hypebot
  2. SpotifyEditor — Easily sort songs in your playlists /// via: Product Hunt
  3. Facebook Expands Spotify Integration, Watch Party, More /// via: hypebot
  4. Record Player — Shazam for record covers, instantly open in Spotify /// via: Product Hunt
  5. Notify for Spotify — Know when an artist you follow releases new music on Spotify /// via: Product Hunt

Spotify & Podcasts

  1. Anchor’s new feature lets listeners leave voice messages for podcast hosts /// via: TechCrunch
  2. Why Spotify is betting big on podcasting /// via: TechCrunch
  3. Spotify acquires true crime studio Parcast to expand its original podcast content /// via: TechCrunch
  4. Spotify’s new Soundtrap for Storytellers makes it even easier to start that podcast /// via: Fast Company

Podcast News

  1. Marketers Will Spend $1 Billion on Podcast Advertising by 2021 /// via: Search Engine Journal
  2. Your Favorite NPR One Stories In 2018
  3. Audioburst turns the best part of podcasts into personalized news briefs
  4. 54% of Podcast Listeners Likely to Buy From Brands They Hear Advertised via @MattGSouthern
  5. The ‘Stuff You Should Know’ podcast has been downloaded 1 billion times
  6. Podcasts, smart speakers soar as social media stalls, based on new survey
  7. What’s next for podcasting?


Streaming Statistics

  1. U.S. Music Streaming Revenue Tops $8 Billion, Up 33% /// via: hypebot
  2. 17 Million US ‘Fans’ Ripped Music Last Year, UP 13% /// via: hypebot
  3. Major Labels Earn $800,000 A Hour From Streaming /// via: hypebot
  4. What Maren Morris’ History-Making First-Week Numbers Say About Country In The Streaming Era /// via: hypebot
  5. Spotify, Soundcloud Bot Farms Continue To Manipulate Streaming Numbers /// via: hypebot
  6. 25% Skip A Song Within 5 Seconds [New Data] /// via: hypebot

Streaming Effects

  1. How streaming is erasing the history of mixtape icons like DJ Drama /// via: DailyDot

Streaming’s Effect

  1. Wife Upload’s Husband’s Snoring To Spotify, Apple Music. 30,000 Streams Later…
  2. Music Piracy Up 13% In The Us Last Year, Stream-Ripping To Blame.
  3. Revenue Per User To Fall 25% Even As Streaming Grows In Popularity says Goldman Sachs Study
  4. How streaming is erasing the history of mixtape icons like DJ Drama
  5. The Other Playlists: How Behavior Impacts Songs /// via: hypebot
  6. Music Piracy: No Longer In The Headlines, Still A Headache /// via: hypebot

Specialized Streaming Services

  1. BBC and Discovery team up on a new streaming service focused on factual programming /// via: TechCrunch
  2. WFMU’s Free Music Archive Is Saved, Moving to New Home /// via: Pitchfork
  3. Neil Young Launches Personal Streaming Service That Could Actually Work /// via: hypebot
  4. Criterion Collection’s New Streaming Service Announces Launch Date /// via: Pitchfork

Band Tips

  1. Concert Ticket Sales Are Down Significantly This Year /// via: hypebot
  2. How To Use Spotify Analytics For Labels /// via: hypebot
  3. How Much Do Music Videos Actually Cost? /// via: hypebot
  4. Spotify Will No Longer Let Artists Upload Music Directly /// via: Pitchfork Media – News
  5. Adding Lyrics To Your Instagram Story
  6. Utilizing Spotify Ad Metrics
  7. .music Domains Are Coming and DotMusic (Not Google) Will Control Them
  8. A Brief History Of Record Deals
  9. 64 Pop, Indie Spotify Playlists Worth Pitching and How To Reach Them