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Design Tips

10 Web Design Trends We’re Already Over

The Alternative Dictionary of Web Design Terms

A short guide for non-designers to not suck at design

GrowthList – Best Growth Hacks for your Business

Comprehensive Design Tools

Awesome Design Tools

freemium.cc | Free Tools for Makers



Every shortcut for designers in one place 🚀


Branding & Logos

These concept ads are great ideas for social good campaigns that don’t exist yet
via: Fast Company

I’ve been studying logos for decades. Here’s what changed this year

Zara’s new logo may be the future of branding, love it or hate it

The best and worst branding of 2018

What not to call your web design company – 20i.com Blog

Squarespace’s sleek redesign rejects cliché Silicon Valley branding

Typography Tips + Font Tools & Resources

Soffa Sans — The world’s comfiest font by Ikea 🛋️
via: Product Hunt

10 Tools for Creating Your Own Custom Font
via: Speckyboy Design Magazine

Font Combinations Library
via: Font Combinations Library

Ficture — The font in use archive that will inspire you
via: Product Hunt

A terrible type foundry
via: enFont Terrible

Typography Terms Cheat Sheet
via: Nielsen Norman Group

Public Sans
via: public-sans.digital.gov

Google Fonts

Optimizing Google Fonts Performance

Google Font Previewer for Chrome

Making Google Fonts Faster⚡ – Clio + Calliope – Medium
via: Medium

Pair & Compare: Font Pairing and Comparison tool (with
Google Fonts)
via: Pair & Compare: Font Pairing and Comparing tool | Google Fonts playground

Google Fonts is Adding font-display
via: CSS-Tricks

Free Web Builder Tools

Free & Simple Website Builder : Create Site on Mobile or Desktop

Free & Simple Website Builder : Create Site on Mobile or Desktop

Gridbox v5.0 — Powerful visual bootstrap builder for designers & developers

Grapedrop | Responsive, Free, Website Page Builder


How to Become a UX Designer by Learning UX Design on Your Own | MAD UX

How to Become a UX Designer by Learning UX Design on Your Own | MAD UX

UX Overflow — The place where designers find answers.

A comprehensive list of UX clichés

UI: Animations

The Tiny Short Animation Trend in Web Design
via: Speckyboy Design Magazine

useAnimations — An animated icon library for your projects

Best Free Tools for Adding Dynamic Animations to UI

BeatFlyer — The easiest way to animate your designs

UI: Help

What are the key differences between UX and UI?

The Golden Ratio in Design: Examples & Tips

UI Recipes — Weekly 15 min lessons on UI design from the hottest apps

UI: Trends

Beautiful web app screenshots

2019 UI and UX Design Trends

20 web design trends for 2019 | Webflow Blog

Adobe XD

10 Tutorials to Help You Master Adobe XD

Adobe XD 19.0 — Design systems, components, and so much more

unDraw for XD — Open-source illustrations directly into Adobe XD

Data Populator

Free Download: Non-Profit UI Kit for Adobe XD

Adobe launches an Adobe XD accelerator to woo developers

Adobe XD CC 13.0 — The future of experience design is here.


CSS Tips

That Time I Tried Browsing the Web Without CSS

CSS can do that?


Common CSS Issues For Front-End Projects

CSS Tools

Relearn CSS layout

Blendy — Preview CSS background blend modes easily

Gradient Borders in CSS

Amino: Live CSS Editor for Chrome

CSSFX – Beautifully simple click-to-copy CSS effects

CSS Grid Generator — Simple tool to generate css grids

CSS Chrome Extensions

Palette Creator


CSS Peeper

CSS Link Effects

Animating Links – CSS Animation


Static & HTML

HTML can do that?

It’s pretty cool how Netlify CMS works with any flat file site generator

Static Pages — Upload static HTML pages to WordPress websites 🚀

Make My Link Longer — The URL-elongator you’ve always needed

Chrome Extension Code Validators

Web Developer

HTML Validator

Design Systems

Getting Started with Design Systems — A free book that’s simple in structure, human in explanation

When Do We Need A Design System? An Interview With Brad Frost

Adele – Design Systems and Pattern Libraries Repository

Free Wireframing Tools

Draftium – Turbo prototyping tool for websites 🚀

Zen Flowchart =



Whimsical – Pricing

Code Snippets


10 Powerful & Inspiring Examples of Explosions in Web Design

Template Archives – Free Bootstrap Themes & Templates

Spero – Trendy looking Free Bootstrap template

Understanding grid placement through building a HTML periodical table

Magnify — Push out beautiful website announcements in 10 seconds.

10 Incredible Text Masking Effects Examples

Forge Your Own (Animation) Path with These Snippets

Snippets via CoDrops

Creating Grid-to-Fullscreen Animations with Three.js

Animated Image Columns | Codrops

Image Reveal Hover Effects | Codrops

Menu Designs

10 Modern Examples of Slide-Out Sidebars

The Hamburger & Mega-Menu Combination Design Trend

Web Sliders


Why Web Sliders Suck and 5 Ways To Fix Them – UX/UI Advice

Footer Design

Why Your Footer Isn’t Getting a Lot of Engagement (And How to Fix It)

4 Best Practices for Designing Mega-Footers


Free Form Builders

JotForm Mobile Forms — Robust forms that work anywhere

Formsquare — Build forms or surveys in just minutes, for free

involve.me — Build customizable widgets like quizzes, forms & calculators

Forma — Create complex forms in a few clicks

Form, by Mason — Build and deploy stunning Airtable-enabled forms


VideoAsk 2.0 — Typeform’s VideoAsk is now available on your web browser

Conversations by Typeform

Typeform Connect — Get your data moving

An Interactive Video by Typeform — Inception in your browser

Image Optimization

Amazing Images

Creative 4D Artworks That Invade Reality

70 Creative Advertisements That Make You Look Twice – Hongkiat

60+ Outstanding Out of Bounds Photos

These oddly satisfying photos reveal the inner workings of everyday objects

Images & SEO

Google Image Search Needs Image & Associated Landing Page Both Indexed

Google: Alt Image Attribute Is Used By Web Search But More So For Image Search

Free Stock Image Sources

Image Finder 2.0 — Free stock photos from various websites

Font Famous

Absurd Design — Free surrealist illustrations for landing pages. 💡

LandingStock — A collection of free images for your landing page

300+ free design resources

OneClickClip – Stock Animated GIFs free for commercial use

CC Search

Pixel Mob — Royalty-free images from numerous sources for you to use.

Stock Image Search Engine – More Than 50 Best Sources | Everypixel

Free Stock Photos: High-Res Images for Websites & Commercial Use

Web Image Tips

Is my site serving WebP images? – ShortPixel Blog

SVG vs PNG vs JPG: Image Format Pros & Cons

5 Secrets of Image-Rich Websites

Image Effects

This neural network detects whether faces have been Photoshopped

Gumlet — Image resize-as-a-service

Mona Lisa frown: Machine learning brings old paintings and photos to life

Remove Background from Image – remove.bg

Stencil for WordPress — Create images quickly inside of WordPress.Live Studio: Print — Bring photos to life with augmented reality.

Live Studio: Print — Bring photos to life with augmented reality.


Blur Effects

DepthBlur — Get the portrait mode effect on any photo using AI

Redacted — Easily blur/pixelate/black out parts of an image

Images for Social Media

Social Media Image Sizes for 2018: A Guide for Marketers

Free Image Resizer | Resize Your Images for Social Media | Promo

Social Media Image Resizing Tool | Landscape by Sprout Social

SVG Tools, Tips, and Sources

WebGrid SVG building tool — A web app that lets you create and download svg documents.

Font Kiko – Free Icon Font, SVG, AI, EPS – Download Now!

10 Fantastic Sites for Downloading Free Vector Templates


Svgbob Editor – Convert your ascii diagram scribbles into happy little SVG

Change Color of SVG on Hover

A Practical Guide To SVG And Design Tools

SVG Filter Effects: Moving ForwardBlobmaker



Round Icons – 38,000 Premium Icon Packed in One Bundle Flat Line Glyph

Humaaans: Mix-&-Match illustration library

Free vector illustrations – Ouch.pics

Illustration Gallery — Royalty-free illustrations for your projects

unDraw | Colorful illustrations

Data Visualization

Google Trends gets integrated into Data Studio via free third-party app

Open Census Data — Visualize & download neighborhood demographic Insights

Data Visualization in Web Design: 12 Stunning Examples

Data Visualization Tools

TradingView Lightweight Charts — Lightweight charts that are free, open-source & feature-rich

Google Earth Studio — Let the world tell your story

Charte — Free online interactive charts for non-techies


Speed Tips

3 Image Optimization Tips for Faster Speeds & Higher Rankings via @krisjonescom

How to Speed Up Website With Tag

9 Tips for Speeding Up Your Website in 2019

How to Take Your Website Beyond Fast by @brentcsutoras

Speed Reports & Monitoring

Treo 2.0 — Easy-to-use page speed monitoring tool with powerful reports

Google Shows Off the New Speed Report Coming to Search Console by @MattGSouthern


Preload, prefetch and other link tags



Accessibility News

Alexa can now read your WordPress blogs out loud

7 accessibility-focused startups snag grants from Microsoft

Apple & Google celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day with featured apps, new shortcuts

Accessibility Tools

Use Color Accessibility Tools to Improve Your Website Design

Transcriber — Transcribe any audio/video to text in minutes

UI Sound Inspiration for UX/UI Design

UI Sound Inspiration for UX/UI Design

Accessibility Checklist

Web Audit — Simple checklist for website performance & accessibility

Accessibility Cheatsheet

SEO Tips

How Important Are Tags for SEO?
via: Search Engine Journal

Top 36 SEO Insights of the Year from Google’s John Mueller
via: Search Engine Journal

Google Produced 92% of US Organic Search Visits in Q3 2018
via: Search Engine Journal

Google is right; click-through and conversion rates kinda don’t matter
via: Search Engine Land

How Customer-Centric FAQ Pages Can Improve Content Marketing Results
via: Hubspot

How Google’s New Layout Predicts the Future of SEO
via: Neil Patel

On social media, sell your brand, not your stuff
via: Fast Company

Is ‘the fold’ still a thing in today’s scrolling and skimming culture?
via: The Mobile Spoon

SEO Analyzer By Neil Patel — A free SEO analyzer for your site
via: Product Hunt

How to Crush Your Competitors With TF-IDF
via: Moz

SEO Tools

The Top 15 Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using via @jonleeclark
via: Search Engine Journal

Free visual keyword research & content ideas tool
via: AnswerThePublic

Google Correlate
via: Google Trends

SEO Suite – 100% Free SEO Tools
via: SEO Suite


Why it’s worth targeting keywords with no-to-low monthly search volume

Google Shows Your Site’s Average Ranking Position for the Keyword You Search For by @MattGSouthern
via: Search Engine Journal

Evolving Keyword Research to Match Your Buyer’s Journey
via: Moz

Advice on Links

All Links are Not Created Equal: 20 New Graphics on Google’s Valuation of Links
via: Moz

Google Does Not Index Redirected Pages
via: Search Engine Roundtable

Google Recommends Using One URL for All Seasonal Content by @MattGSouthern
via: Search Engine Journal

Google: Too Many Repeated Internal Links Doesn’t Hurt
via: Search Engine Roundtable

12 Completely Outdated SEO Practices You Should Avoid by @searchmastergen
via: Search Engine Journal

Local Search Optimization

9 Essential Local SEO & Listings Management Tools by @MaddyOsman
via: Search Engine Journal

What Is a Local Link & How to Find More Local Link Opportunities by @sllewuy
via: Search Engine Journal

85% of consumers disregard local reviews more than 3 months old
via: Search Engine Land

Key local stats every marketer needs to know
via: Search Engine Land

Google Q&A: More than 90 percent of questions unanswered by business owners
via: Search Engine Land


Google makes emails more dynamic with AMP for Email

Google Serves 11X More AMPHTML Ads Compared to Last Year by @MattGSouthern
Visual Stories — AMP Story builder, blogging and content marketing platform
Google’s John Mueller Offers Guidance on Building AMP-Only Sites by @MattGSouthern

AMP Templates — Beautiful, responsive AMP templates. Builder included.


Video Marketing

18 Must-See Video Marketing Secrets & Insights by @lisabuyer
via: Search Engine Journal

YouTube Ads: What Marketers Need to Know
via: Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner

YouTube SEO: Top Factors to Invest In – Whiteboard Friday
via: Moz


How to Add Facebook Live Chat to Your Website

Tinybot — Easily create powerful Twitter bots, no code necessary

JavaScript & SEO

Google: Huge Opportunity In Knowing JavaScript For Technical SEO

Move Over SEO: How Developers Can Generate You More Traffic
Google’s John Mueller Predicts Much More JavaScript in SEO in the Coming Years by @MattGSouthern

Google Video Describes What Sites Need Help With SEO When Using JavaScript

SEO Chrome Extensions

7 Essential SEO Browser Extensions & Plugins by @beanstalkim

Google Similar Pages

PPC Tools

If you’re not remarketing keywords, you’re missing out

Ubersuggest 3.0 — Neil Patel’s free keyword research tool

How to Get Google Ads Certification: A Step-by-Step Guide by @coreydmorris

6 Unique & Free Keyword Research Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed by @MaddyOsman

Automatic Keyword Planner — AI that generate 50 keywords + a planning spreadsheet


Minimal Google Analytics Snippet — A simple snippet for tracking page views on your website.

Campaign URL Builder — Google Analytics Demos & Tools

5 Useful SEO Insights You Can Learn from Google Analytics by @natalieannhoben

DuckDuckGo Traffic Up 50% from Last Year, Hits New Record of 30M Daily Searches by @MattGSouthern

If you’re not using Remarketing Lists and Similar Audiences for Search, you’re leaving money on the table


PingPing — A simple tool to monitor your website and SSL

How to Install SSL Certificate for Your Website – Ultimate Guide

Myth Busting: HTTPS Not Required For Google Indexing & Ranking

Nearly half of users have a bad reaction to ‘not secure’ browser warning, survey finds


You don’t need to be a coder

Flashcards for Developers

Front-end Developer Handbook 2019 – Learn the entire JavaScript, CSS and HTML development practice!

Front-end development is not a problem to be solved

Responsive Checker

One Click Test — Tool for quickly testing your design layout in one click.

Responsive Images Plugins by Cloudimage — Make images fully responsive and fast automatically 🖼🚀

10 Tools & Apps for Testing Your Responsive Design

Responsive Design Checker — Check how responsive is your website across device sizes

Video Tools

7 Best Video Compression Tools for 2019
via: Hongkiat

BentenSound — Free stock music for your videos. Unsplash for music.
via: Product Hunt

Locomotion — Finally, easy stop motion movies
via: Product Hunt

$0.50 Stories — Custom vertical videos for only 50 cents 📱🎬
via: Product Hunt

Transcriber — Transcribe any audio/video to text in minutes
via: Product Hunt

Moovly — Create thousands of videos from a Google sheet
via: Product Hunt


Building A Theme

How to Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch: The Basics
via: SitePoint

How to Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch: First Steps
via: SitePoint

How to Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch: Final Steps
via: SitePoint

WordPress Converter — Convert website to WordPress theme
via: Product Hunt

SEO & Yoast

Yoast SEO Becomes First WordPress Plugin to Offer Defragmented Schema Markup – Search Engine Journal
via: Search Engine Journal

7 Free Plugins for Adding Structured Data to Your WordPress Website
via: Speckyboy Design Magazine

10 Awesome WordPress SEO Plugins to Optimize Your Site
via: Search Engine Journal

Yoast adds image and video Schema with 11.1 update
via: Search Engine Land

Speed & JetPatck

via: CSS-Tricks

Jetpack Gutenberg Blocks
via: CSS-Tricks

Powerful Services for your WordPress Site
via: Jetpack


Official AMP for WordPress Plugin Updated, Allows Sites to be Built Entirely With AMP
via: Search Engine Journal

Official AMP Plugin for WordPress Now Supports AMP Stories by @MattGSouthern
via: Search Engine Journal


Google Maps Gutenberg Block
via: WordPress.org

How To Create Custom Blocks for Gutenberg with Block Lab
via: Speckyboy Web Design Magazine

Grids: Layout builder for WordPress
via: WordPress.org

Block Gallery – Photo Gallery Gutenberg Blocks
via: WordPress.org


SEO Audit Checklist

On-Page SEO for 2019 – Whiteboard Friday

The Ultimate Blog SEO Checklist by @BrianHarnish

SEO Checklist: Necessary Steps to Optimize your Product Page

A basic SEO audit for small businesses

SEO Audit Tools

Top List of Best Website Audit & SEO Tools That Every Marketer Should Use [Updated]

Free SEO Site Audit Tools by @martinibuster